Studio portraits

I don’t own a studio space (completely by choice) and yet I am able to provide my clients with beautiful, timeless studio photography. If lifestyle photography is not quite your thing, I can bring the studio to you. All I need is some free floor space and one window. This is the type of portrait that allows you to dress up, be a little more styled and posed, yet the results are far from stiff poses.

Studio look is a SIMPLE set up to keep all the attention on your relationships and those you love the most. Modern and timeless. No fancy props and embellishments, just YOU.

The Studio look shoot is perfect for families up to 5, couples, babies, children and pets. Prior to your shoot we discuss what photographs you would love (if you are not sure we will guide you). Photo shoot takes place in your home using white, grey or black studio backdrop (which we bring with us). It takes around 45 minutes, it’s fun and pain free, even for dads:)