Pet photographer

They are our best friends, most loyal life companions, four legged babies. Pets have a very special place in our heart.

They can be funny, smart, pretty or handsome, full of character. They calm our nerves, sometimes give a reason to get up in the morning. They will take you for a run every day when you train for a half-marathon. They will be there jumping all over you as you return home from work. They will accept and love you, always. We are the pet photographer who will capture their sweet personalities for you.

Just like other family members (or even more so) pets deserve to be honoured and appreciated. Most of us will go through heartbreaking experience of losing beloved fur friend, as they just don’t live as long as we would love them to. Capturing the beautiful bond between you and your pet is very important! Having a beautiful work of art displaying your precious friend will bring light to your home and life. Because no matter how old they get, or how long they are gone, they will always stay your best friend.


We would be honoured to meet your fur baby and create some stunning pet portraits for your home and your heart!