I was born on Wednesday in 1979 in a small town in Poland. I live with my husband and two small children in a small house in a small town (Dalgety Bay, Fife, Scotland to be specific). After 10 years of marriage and two kids I still like him most of the time.

Unprocessed organic food is my huge passion. I turn it into nutritious meals for my children who then refuse to eat it (“it’s too vegetably”, “it’s too many things mixed up”, “it looks weird”, “ I will eat it when I’m grown up and live on my own farm”)

I love simple things which you can see in the products I offer. I am a minimalist in heart and decluttering is my idea of fun afternoon. Moving furniture is another one.

I wasn’t born with a camera in hand like most photographers declare. My Grandfather isn’t a photographer either, he is an awesome beekeeper. I didn’t study photography, I did biology instead. My decision to become a photographer came from craving creativity, working with people (and not test tubes) and having huge love and respect for the family as a unit. I jumped into learning a lot about creating images, as well as about the business side of business. I still do it everyday.

I speak with funny accent and make a lot of mistakes, which my daughter likes to correct with great satisfaction.

My family photography business is called Hourglass Photography because no one was able to pronounce my name when it was named after me. There is no incredible story behind this name unfortunately. My other business is called The Brand Photographer, because this is pretty much what I do; create photographs for brands ( mainly small and creative ones).

“A Good Year”, “Chef”  and “Stealing Beauty” are my most favourite films. They make me want to reach for a glass of wine, which I never resist for too long.

Clients I work with, are families who freely give hugs to each other, giggle and tickle, do piggyback and shoulder rides, don’t mind crazy hair and mismatched socks. They rock bare feet on the beach, muddy trousers in the forest and usually don’t like being photographed, but do it anyway for their kids.