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I am Karolina and I specialise on photographing families who don't like being photographed. I know you want photographs of your family together playing, laughing and having a great time. But here is the thing: babies go from being tiny newborn to asking you for car keys within a blink of an eye. Photographs from different stages of your family's life are priceless, so book it before life changes too much (plus it's more affordable than you may think and it's more fun and less stress than you think).

Family portraits

Family photo shoot is a fun way to get close with those you love most and as a result receive photographs that will make your heart smile for long years to come.

from £75


"Karolina,  Thank you so much for the beautiful photographs, we couldn’t have hoped for better results from the day.Your warmth and fun personality helped us to feel completely at ease and I really think this reflects in our gallery – you even got a smile out of Stella (the dog)!  We would love you to take more photographs of our family in the future."   Clare, Paul and Thomas


Dear Daughter project

Our daughters exposed to mass media start comparing themselves to celebrities very early. They decide that they are not skinny enough, not pretty enough or not popular enough.

My dear daughter, the person you are now is beautiful. Dear Daughter experience helps you deliver this message to the young women in your life.

from £75




What we feel attracts more of, so let's display happy photos and make our homes a happier place.

from £125


"Thank you so much Karolina for the beautiful  photographs captured in our most recent photoshoot (our 4th shoot with you!!) They really showcase our crazy yet happy family life at the moment and we'll treasure them forever. As always you ensured the shoot was fun and relaxed! Our new beautiful frame is pride of place in our living room and we receive lots of compliments from visitors. You really are great at what you do. Xxx"

Recent BLOG Posts

Notes about life & photography


Hi! I'm Karolina, the owner and photographer at Hourglass. I am based in Dalgety Bay, Fife, Scotland. When you see me use "We", I refer to my incredible retoucher who gives your photographs another dimension, my accountant who saves my sanity and my tech support who rescues me everytime I think I am able to fix technical issues. "We" are also professional labs, who print your photographs, so you can enjoy them even more. Otherwise it's just me, Karolina :)


Hello world

I have arrived to the world in a small hospital in Poland, delivered by a midwife who also happened to be my aunt (the same aunt delivered my sister in the morning and had her own daughter in the afternoon). My dad stood outside looking at the hospital windows as it was womens' business only then. My grandma was very unhappy with my mum's name choice- there was this neighbour with a very crossed eyes named Karolina. Obviously, naming a child the same name, would have led to the same condition. Luckily it didn't!

November 2011

I’m born as a photographer

Around that time I was a mum of a little girl. She changed my life and my values shifted. I discovered that I wanted to work with people rather than plastic tubes. I found the desire to serve families and combined this with my love for photography I became who you know me as today. 

early 2016

Hourglass Photography was born

I changed logos, business names, redesigned websites over years. One thing never changed- my desire to make heartwarming, emotional and authentic family portraits. No matter what, I always come back to the same calling.

autumn 2017

Where I am now

I am a family portrait photographer, mum of two small children, wife. I am also the owner and photographer at The BRAND Photographer (for all your business branding and headshots).

I shoot with Canon equipment, drink a lot of lovely coffee, meditate daily, always wear flat shoes. I'm in love with watching people love, that's what family photography is about. Documenting love, laughs, cuddles, sillyness and crazyness.


Sometimes I photograph families in their homes or gardens and sometimes I drive 100 miles to their favourite spot. 95% of my clients love outdoors and natural, lifestyle photography, but some prefer SIMPLE look of a studio portrait.

What is your style?

home & garden

Your home and garden make for the most personal backdrops. When you have a small baby or elderly family member join for the shoot it makes so much sense to stay at home, where you are comfortable and have everything at hand.

on location

Scotland has the most amazing locations, some on our doorstep. Woodlands, beaches, fields and hills. Choose your favourite or discover new places! (we are full of suggestions should you need them)

studio look

Don't get tricked, all this is achieved in the comfort of your home! We bring everything required to create this classic and clean look. White, grey or black backgrounds are available.

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I'm based in Dalgety Bay, Fife, Scotland. 

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